TYLER MORNEY | Artist & Designer | Los Angeles, CA



My parents are polar opposites. My dad is an extrovert, who adores Renaissance art and Rock. My mom, who’s quite shy has loved Folk art and music for as long as I can remember. In short, as a kid, an adolescent and even now as an adult, I’ve been exposed to an array of things. This upbringing has greatly influenced the way I work. I enjoy experimentation, pulling elements that I appreciate from anything and combining them into a resolved piece. Some combos you'll see here include: Lowriders + Adinkra Symbols, Statues + 90s bad boys, etc. 

Currently, I work as Lead Designer at a fabric manufacturer in LA, CA. There, I'm able to dabble in many different visual languages such as Geometric/Contemporary, Traditional, Novelty/Tween and even Motion/Recliner.

Overall, my work tends to combine hand and computer generated elements. I aim to apply my practice to as many deliverables as possible: Furniture, clothes, shoes, ceramics, anything.


BFA in Graphic Design: Otis College of Art & Design ('13)

Oak Grove School ('09)